The Connaissance School of Numerology

The Connaissance School of Numerology teaches a unique Soul-based approach to Numerology, developing intuition based on numbers. It offers a fully integrated Programme of Tuition - a Foundation Course, a Diploma Course leading to certification as an independent numerology consultant, a Masters Course comprising of six modules, and a course in Esoteric Tarot. The School has thirty-nine qualified teachers who are based around the world. It also runs a Teacher Training Programme for carefully selected candidates who have also passed their Diploma and have had several years' experience as a consultant.

p1Consciousness through Number for World Peace

The School is based at The Cave Shop in Royston, United Kingdom.   View Large Map

The School has teaching and consultation rooms at The Cave Shop and from here, training, development and support are given to teachers in the UK and worldwide.

Its founder, Claudine Aegerter, is French and first arrived in England in 1964. She worked in a variety of jobs and started to work with alternative therapies after attending an NFSH course in 1985. She began giving spiritual healing and then developed an interest in Numerology. In the late 1980’s she started giving workshops on esoteric subjects.In 1993 she gave Numerology courses from home and she started the School in order to bring her new insights to the science of esoteric numerology. She started to look for a permanent home for the School and in the year 2000, she acquired shop premises just above The Royston Cave in Royston, Hertfordshire in the UK. This became the Cave Shop. Here you will also find a Wellness Centre and The Connaissance School. 

You can find out more about the history of The Cave Shop and the Royston Cave here. There is a profile of Claudine here

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