The Connaissance School Programme

The teaching within the Connaissance School presents many different systems of numerology, coming from many different cultures. We don’t set out to restrict students to the methods demonstrated in the courses, but rather to inspire people to find their own way with the numbers.  The Ancient Wisdom teachings are translated into a language that enables us to apply those teachings to our everyday experiences of life.

In the beginning of the work we enter into the familiar world of numbers. These digits, that we manipulate and take for granted in our everyday life, will be opened up as this programme unfolds, revealing the mysteries that they hold to those that can see beyond the form. If we can allow our minds to be receptive, the energy patterns exposed by these simple little digits will enable us to take on a new and different perception of the world we live in.

There is much to learn. Numbers help us to tap into the inner work of transformation, as we journey towards the guiding light of the Soul. When we are talking about numbers we are talking about the past.  

This course is about developing an open mind and getting rid of mind-sets.  This involves personal development and cleansing the lens through which we see the world. This can happen through contact with the Soul - where everything is known.  We're after deeper insight.  Insight is nothing to do with books - we can't become an esoteric numerologist by reading books.
Systems are not important since they are merely vehicles, so don't be taken in by a system. The plate is the system, it’s the food on the plate that is important and we can't eat the plate!   The programme is about intellect and intuition coming together and working with and through each other.  

Numerology is a symbol to tap into memory. Each one of us has to find our own source, just as we have to use our own eyes to see.  Remember the motive is important.  It's important not to do it from a position of power; being cleverer than the next one is not the point.  Soul takes us into the bigger collective picture.

When we practise numerology we come from the point of view of love and service so as to be non-interfering.  We have to be very clear about our intention for doing it.  We are in a position when doing a numerological reading, where we have the possibility of seeing the person's essence maybe better than they can.  This is an honour and should be approached with humility- it’s not about being clever.

Numbers are the key to the unity of matter and spirit. They are a system that represent the cycles of energy and measures those cycles.  This takes us closer than any other system to the idea of the energy behind the form.

Our courses consist of a presentation of the teachings of Ancient Wisdom, chart readings, written exercises, discussions, visualisations and homework. We offer a Tarot course and three Numerology courses - the Foundation Course, the Diploma Course and the Masters Course. Courses at each level build on knowledge gained at the previous levels.

If you would like to talk to someone before applying, don't hesitate to contact any of the School teachers. The list of teachers is shown here or you can contact the School on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Practical exercises, group discussion and sharing form a significant part of the course content. Homework is an essential part of the courses. A Certificate of Attendance is awarded  on completion of each Course.

The Foundation Course offers a good basic psychological portrait of number, and allows the student to access the understanding of the personality as it learns to align to the higher self. It offers an existential approach to Numerology, whose effect on our life is both fascinating and illuminating. Completion of the Foundation Course offers free membership of AIN for one year. It is the stepping stone for students to enrol on the Diploma Course.

The Diploma Course develops a greater understanding of relationships and focuses on the development of intuition.   It goes more deeply into translating information from numbers, in order to access the wisdom of the Soul. The Diploma Course constitutes a full professional training. An optional examination is offered at the end of the Diploma Course. If successful, a Diploma is awarded and students are then eligible to apply to AIN to be a Consultant Member. For more information on membership - please click here.

The Tarot Course unveils the esoteric meanings of the Major Arcana and the journey of the Soul through initiation.     It is based on the teaching in the book “The Spirit of the Tarot”. We use the symbolism to be found in the Major Arcana of the Oswald Wirth Tarot pack. The Tarot, seen as an initiatic tool, offers a perception of the inner work that a human being has to achieve as he associates with his Soul. Prospective students do not need to have attended any other School courses as a pre-requisite.

The Masters Course is a series of six standalone modules. Each further develops themes first introduced in the Diploma Course. The aim of the Masters Course is to invite our minds to adopt a multi-dimensional level of perception of the qualities of numbers by following their cyclic movements from different perspectives. Each module is two days long. The Masters Course modules can be attended by anyone who has the Certificate of Attendance from a Foundation Course. Individual modules are stand-alone and can be attended in any order and will result in the award of a module Certificate of Attendance.

The School has a well-developed Teacher Training Programme. Students who have completed the Diploma Course and who have acquired significant experience as Consultants, can be recommended by an experienced teacher to the School for possible participation in the Foundation Course Teacher Training programme. Successful graduates of this programme are authorised to teach the Connaissance School Foundation Course. On recommendation, experienced teachers may then progress to become teachers of the Diploma and other courses.

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