The Connaissance School Diploma Course

The lists of interpretations of the numbers connected with each particular system have been derived from books and are quite restrictive in their meanings. Students need to adapt a more lucid and uplifting interpretation from the Soul and Spirit point of view. The understanding of the different Numerology systems we use in the School’s Foundation and Diploma Courses is an important factor in allowing the mind to rise above these systems.

 The Foundation Course sets a structure for people to begin to see that it does not matter what other systems they may use or what the experience of their life is, it all comes back to cycles, numbers and the expression of a life greater than the observer. It allows us to receive their teaching, and, through re-visiting age-old systems, to trust that numbers reveal the mysteries of the whole of the manifested life.

 The Diploma Course is a six module course including an optional examination. It has quite a different rhythm from the Foundation Course. It goes deeper into translating information from the numbers in order to access the wisdom of the Soul. We use visualisation, more developed systems of chart reading, and a supportive interactive environment including exercises and workshop activity. A pre-requisite for attending the Diploma Course is attendance at the Foundation Course.

 The School offers the course either over six sets of two days each, or in two six-day weeks, which may either be run separately or contiguously. If the student wishes to submit themselves for the examination and is successful, the Connaissance School Diploma will be awarded and the student will be able to practice numerology as a Consultant Member of the Association Internationale de Numerologues (AIN). If not, the student will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

 The Course will help the student find their own truth, looking at their reactions and mind-sets. We all find excuses not to recognise and accept honestly what is driving our emotion and current mind-sets. We reinforce everything; we blame the world for our reactions rather than looking for their source within. This Course is aiming to set the student free of their past cycles of behaviour of survival by dropping the drama. This initiates the process of transformation.

The aim of the Diploma Course is to help the student to understand the place of the human experience in the greater context of life on Earth and the uplift of the mind to a finer vibration in order to access intuitive knowledge from the numbers.

 Students will:

  • Acquire a deeper understanding of their relationship with the world and wider horizons of levels of consciousness
  • Focus their point of view from the Soul perspective and develop their intuition to open up the inner life
  • Become confident Numerologists.

Module 1 - Mind in Time and Space
Mind as vehicle of response to the rhythms and cycles of the Universe

What is mind?  Why has nature given birth to the introspective nature of the mind of mankind?

Through the experienced wisdom of the human Soul which is a collective entity. We can access the flashes of intuition helping us to depersonalise the drama of everyday life.

The basic explanation of the mindsets created by the emotional, psychological and physical traumas is easily answered by the many systems and books on Numerology. These are the ‘How We Got Here’ but in this course we are aiming at the ‘Why’ of our place in the scheme of the whole Solar System.

The ‘Why’ allows the unfoldment of the Soul perspective, so as to realise ourselves as sparks of consciousness in the great life in which we move and have our being.

Module 2 - Time and Space: The Great Teacher
The impact of the karmic laws on the Soul of man

After Mind there is no way we can study anything else but Karma. The aim (karmic intent) for Mind is to manifest into self-awareness.

In this module, the aim is to expose Karma as the great director of an ongoing cosmic symphony, organising thoughts into manifestation and to get people out of their own inner self-obsessive little karmic burdens. As mind moves and creates, what is behind the creation is the great karmic wand, which conducts the whole process. The whole journey of the movement of mind into space is guided by the karmic law and rhythm of the universe. To really put it into context from our own point of view, it is the rhythm, which will organize matter into situations for the awareness of the mind to throw its lights back to itself.

We explore the practical application of the Karmic numbers. Through workshops and visualisation we aim to shine a light on the why of past memory.

Karma is heavy until you have fallen in love with its laws and nature. This is the way.

Module 3 - Meeting Self in Time and Space
The Chakras: receiving and responding to the Great Experience

In the first two Modules we have seen how, under the Karmic Laws, mind travels and sounds the space for creation. Now with the chakras we are looking at the instrument, which can link us to the environment, so that we can be aware of our responses, and therefore participate with the work of Karma. The aim is to depersonalise the way this works. If we can see ourselves as an instrument, it would give us the first shift towards witnessing from another point besides the personality’s responses.

Understanding the important role of the chakras as portals, to enable the more subtle energy to move in and out of the physical body; we can imagine, if it helps, that our chakras would correspond to the holes in the body of the flute (our body), used by the great musician composer called the father/mother/god, guided by the great director, Lord Karma! The witnessing gives us the opportunity to perceive that nothing that happens to us is personal but it is of the great life we live in.

If we can just perceive all that from the inner point of view, and see ourselves as an instrument, which can give us all the clues of our reactions, then it can be a real ‘shifter.’ On the other hand if we perceive the chakras as the be-all and end-all of aligning, balancing, health, and spiritual matters, that can inhibit true contact with Soul as we think that we control our spiritual tuning with the right practices.

Module 4 - The Fire of Transformation within the Great Experience
Initiation: moving from Self to Higher Self into realisation

All is mind, directed by the Karmic Intent, using the human mental make-up as a vehicle of reflection of itself through the human Soul. This module is very explicit about what initiation is, and its certainly lengthy and heavy, but breaking mind-sets ought to give people a headache!

This is an energy-driven universe. The mind can vegetate or rise and undergo an initiation, if it already vibrates in part to the aspired higher level of consciousness. Initiation is not a modern concept. Our personal human mind evolution is only 10-15,000 years old! Each group, town, civilization will have organized themselves around rites of passage; how to catch prey by yourself, or leaving home to go to university by yourself. A good first step in self-responsibility.

In this course we are looking at the system of 9 levels of initiation. 9 being the number associated with Soul/Wisdom, lends itself perfectly for the self-consciousness, higher awareness process. The ageless wisdom finds its understanding in the dawn of time. We are following mind as it retraces its manifestation and threads through one of the three expressions of the ultimate mind.

Once we have explored the journey of realisation of the human Soul, we can understand why the personality will resist shedding its old protective mind-sets of preservation. The further fusion of personality/Soul energy will inevitably create a major crisis.

There is no ‘social/cultural’ level to indicate that an individual would be undergoing transformation through initiation. Because of the glamour and illusion of the various interpretations of the word ‘initiation’, we keep our understanding energetic: friction, electric, atomic!

Module 5 - Life the great relationship
Transformation through love and acceptance

It is essential to understand how we relate to the world. A relationship is not just with people, but is also about how our (physical, emotional and intellectual) Personality reacts to our close and wider environment. So once again, it is essential to be aware of our reaction, to pinpoint which of our bodies is in play, in order to be able to make sense (give it to Soul) of situations.

Our personal relationships with family and friends will certainly trigger many reactions. Be watchful, as these will often be based on love with conditions, ties that bind. Relationships with neighbours, colleagues, etc. are more likely to be about space/social status. This group links with the broader mind-sets about other countries and the nationalistic pride in who we are.

With a personal relationship you have all the unmet needs, and all the emotional aspects through the things that you desire. Relationships with everyday life, with institutions, races, or God, have more to do with the intellectual aspect of personality. So we conclude with the exercise that brings us back to the simple triangle of mental, emotional and physical aspects, and enables participants to look at their inner relationships.

The list of what, who, where, how we relate is endless as this is the only thing we have to ponder on, to tune our instrument to an ever more subtle vibration of light; the ultimate relationship being with the inner life of Soul/Spirit.

Group work helps us to shed our separative pride as we marvel at others’ courageous lives.

Module 6 - The Flow of the Double Helix
Aligning with the original intent through the double digits

An in-depth look at the procession of the inner life of numbers (1-90), as cycles of manifestation of meaningful characteristics.  We are not our numbers but are born symbolically out of numbers.

The guide price for the Diploma Course is £720. The actual price and payment terms can be obtained when enquiring about the course when you contact the teacher using the contact details on Number Crunch.



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