The Connaissance School Masters Course

The Masters Course is a series of six two-day modules which further develop themes introduced in the Diploma Course. The Masters Course invites our minds to adopt a multi-dimensional level of perception of the qualities of numbers by following their cyclic movements from different perspectives. We recommend that the modules are taken in numerical order.

The Masters Course is recommended for students who have completed the Diploma Course and who wish to extend their exploration of Number further. We do require, however, that before you book to attend a Masters Course module, you have completed the School's Foundation Course.

The price and payment terms can be obtained when enquiring about the course when you contact the teacher using the contact details on Number Crunch.

Module 1 - Our Journey within the Heavenly Man

We are all pre-occupied by our own personal history. Numerology is very good at shedding a bright light on personal charts from the immediate point of view and the broader karmic perspective. The less we judge every day events by our immediate reaction to them, the more we perceive the manifestation of the will of the greater life we live in over time - past present and future. This is so for countries, continents, the Earth and the Universe. The life of our own planetary logo unfolds in time and space according to a much bigger agenda than his own preoccupation, because his only intent can only be to serve the greater life in which he lives and has his being.

So we will be looking at numbers associated with some important dates in the karmic calendar of Europe and its impact on the world.

The wider perspective helps us not to allocate blame for any past or future happening in the history of humanity. The reason for specific periods of “good or bad” manifestations of events is to provide change and transformation opportunities.

Opening our mind should allow us to let go of mind-sets fed by emotions, which are sustained by the overwhelming survival intent of our complex biological life. Finding the way back to our source requires a real effort to be aware of ourselves as Soul.  At this level of awareness, the great work of evolution of consciousness really starts.

The ageless wisdom offers a vast knowledge of time and space with number being primordial in its vocabulary, as it had calculated the age, size and multitude of levels of manifestation of the Universe. Looking at the Heavenly Man in the Eastern sacred geometry tradition, we can reflect on our own journey into soul realisation through the clues given in the numbers.

Module 2 - The Treasure Hunt

We have to be aware of the message of karmic numbers, 11 – 22. They will turn up regularly in the personal and collective cycles of life expression. We can observe that the soul of our Solar System is manifesting many situations for the soul-centred unit in the human community to receive seeds of Good Will deep in their DNA.

The storms of transfer from the dominance of the consciousness of the separative survivalist reptilian brain to the guidance of the one brain of “Vive la difference” of grown-up humanity, will be appeased by the good will of co-operation. It will take time but it is in progress. We are looking at it and working with it. The rising of the consciousness of the species is global and visible.

In the first part of the module, we are exploring the 1 to 9 progression of numbers, reducing its expression back to its original essence. The T (Tau) of the inner pattern of the descending triangle gives us the hidden messages within The Diamond of the original blueprint.

In the second part, we draw up a treasure map for ourselves, using our names to find our hidden treasure: a deeper self-identification message that retraces the karmic intent of our family group.
We exchange maps with another participant in the workshop. In turn, we elaborate on the reading of each other’s maps. We then share with the group, inviting questions and clarifications.

Module 3 - Numbers as Creation and Creators

We follow, with the guidance of Number, the progression of the creation of life within the image of the Heavenly Man.
The two lines of stimulation and fixation 19/91, and of love and sacrifice 11/99, define the four squares of manifestation 9 x 9 – 7 x 7 – 5 x 5 – 3 x 3. With one turn of the wheel of time/space we steady the true cross of mankind. This cross reveals the Diamond of Co-Creation. We explore the make-up of this Diamond and its nine faces of manifestation and the shapes of its different characteristics.

The workshop “who creates my song” invites us to take a leap of faith into the previous cycle of our past history, to recognise some of our instinctive strengths and challenges that have shaped our life so far, giving us the opportunity to own our deeper wiser more loving self.

This is followed by the discovery of the Sphere of Creation describing through the voice of numbers, the evolution of the consciousness within each square of manifestation. Numbers describe the adaptation of the qualities and viability of mankind’s brain under the impulse and stimulation of the sphere of consciousness it needs to explore.

This map of numbers and spheres describes the long march of the involution of light/energy into matter and the glorious evolution of the consciousness of mankind as it retraces and witness the experience of life on its way back home to its maker: the great life in which we live and have our being.

Module 4 - A Life's Story

Through an active workshop exercise on the first day to a reflective contemplation of some of the numbers in our charts on the second day, we trace a simple and practical framework of our life so far!

We look at:
•    Our source, the energy of our birthday – our Inspiration Number
•    The direction it will naturally/spiritually take, following the karmic wind in our life: the Significant Number
•    The meeting of the great current of precipitation, the group soul, the individual human soul and the karmic intent of the greater life’s soul as the at-one-ment, identification and fusion of the three energies becomes the three in one: the Symphony Number and the Homework Number.

This Masters 4 course is faithful to its number. It brings us back in focus with the conditions of life in the human hierarchy and its inevitable transmutation and transformation towards the spiritual hierarchy. If offers help and insight with a few key words to stir some cobwebs in some hidden corner, or open a window, a door or maybe even take the roof off the self-made house we inhabit

Module 5 – The Athenor: what’s cooking?

Mind, as one of its expressions by the number five is the hallmark of the human being.

The five senses give formation to the brain as we explore, experiment and explain what the world is made of, at all the possible levels of life experience. Mind represents the priceless qualities of communication, connectivity, co-operation and discrimination that are essential for humanity to understand, with common sense and intelligence, the world in which it has the privilege to live and have its being.

Mind at other levels of sensitivity has so many other expressions; imagination and inspiration for instance belong to the connection within the emotional body driven by the silent contact with the Soul’s energy. From the fiery memory in every atom to the universal mind, the electrical fire of mind attracts, repulses and coordinates the life within its actualities.   “It is the great mediating principle”. Djwhal Khul

Module 5 explores in depth one of the systems we use in chart reading at the Connaissance School. We use the Athenor to help us to focus on the possibilities to activate our potential for world service. We bring together the memory of life experiences at all levels. We examine how we can contact the love/wisdom aspects of the Soul in order to redeem the old thought forms that drive our lives into spirals of stagnant obsessional need within the physical, emotional or mental bodies of the personality.

The contact with the wisdom of the Soul transmutes exhausted negative mindsets into illuminated sparks of creative intelligence that are already given in our natural body, therefore we are naturally forgiven.

Module 6 - The Weavers of the Fabric of Life

We are going to resume our Masters journey by following the cycles of formation of our alchemist/physicist Universe from the point of view of Spirit.

The vocabulary and journey are the same as our own inner and outer experience of life but hopefully the subtle change of perspective will be quite noticeable as we will endeavour to exclude our own personal grain of salt in the recipe. Spirit does not flow through the Universe to teach us. He does not teach the elements, they form him, they inform him. They are the essential ingredients for life on our planet. Spirit vivifies life.
We create the Weaver’s Wheel to understand the fusion of spirit with the elements that give structure to the will to be, to love and understand.

The workshops will help us to ponder on the qualities of the message given from the Weaver's Wheel and use the nine numbers from our chart to understand our Soul motivation, our Spirit in action (method), and the realisation of our potential. We share our story as we share our love and our wisdom for the care of our one life.

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