"There are many successive grades of good ascending from matter to spirit. Life, consciousness and all things are at different degrees of goodness and harmony."


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Some courses are offered online.
Please contact individual teachers using the contact details below, or on the
Teachers page.

More information and guide prices can be found on the Courses pages

Foundation Course in Esoteric Numerology
In Italian
Teacher: Barbara Gelli
Venue: Prato, Tuscany, Italy
17 - 18th September
8 - 9th October
29 - 30th October
10:00 - 18:00 approximately
Booking:  fenice.prato@gmail.com
More information   www.numerologyworld.org/courses

Foundation Course in Esoteric Numerology
To be run online through Zoom in English
Facilitator  : Sapna Mohan
Module 1: 1-2 Oct, 8-9 Oct
Module 2: 22-23 Oct, 29-30 Oct
Module 3: 12-13 Nov, 19-20 Nov
TIME: 10:30 - 13:30 (UK time)
Resit : Half price
If you are interested in attending the course, please contact Sapna Mohan
By phone – 07946753112 Or sapna_mohan@yahoo.co.uk
More information   www.numerologyworld.org/courses

Foundation Course in Esoteric Numerology
In English
Venue:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (at The Violet Flame)
Date:  October 8,15,22 November 19, 26, December 3
Facilitator:  L Y Chin
Booking:  lizchinroberts@gmail.com
More information: www.numerologyworld.org/course

Foundation Course in Esoteric Numerology
In English
Venue: Cave Shop, 8, Melbourn street, Royston, SG8 7BZ
Teacher: Jacqueline Read
Module 1 - Number as Teacher
Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th October 2022
Module 2 - Manifesting Wisdom
Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th November 2022
Module 3 - Transcending the Intellect
Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th December 2022
Booking:  jaxd22@gmail.com
More information: www.numerologyworld.org/course


Numerology readings available

White Feather Events
Sunday 13th November 2022
10am - 4.30
The Rufus Centre, Flitwick, MK451 AH
Readings, Speakers and Workshops Available

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