The Connaissance School Esoteric Tarot Course

 The 22 cards of the Major Arcana



A Course unveiling the esoteric meaning of the Major Arcana and the journey of the Soul through Initiation.

This is a new exploration of the Tarot, which reveals the esoteric numerological links underlying this ancient system. The Course focuses upon the journey of the Soul as an Initiate. It is based upon the book "The Spirit of The Tarot" by Claudine Aegerter and Berenice Benjelloun.

It connects the journey of the Tarot to the initiatic teachings, which express the idea of the work of expansion of consciousness. The different stages in this pioneering expansion into the unknown, unseen world of Soul and Spirit are reflected in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. They provide a structure or map on which that journey can be recognised. The symbols on the cards are translated into practical steps that can be applied to the everyday lives of those who seek greater consciousness.

These symbols were linked to what was known of the ancient traditions, such as Ancient Egyptian, Hebraic, Christian and Islamic cultures. Like parables, they tell the hidden story in a universal language that can be translated according to the understanding of the reader. The Tarot is a book for disciples and aspirants, or those who are open and ready to hear the symbolic language of the Soul. The first language was Number, then the language of pictures and myths kept the knowledge of initiatic enlightenment alive.

This course is not about using the Tarot as a method of prediction, but rather as a guide through which we can look at the state of our awareness of the world as it is today. It offers a new perspective on the traumas and crisis that face us. This new perception comes from the point of view of Soul.

Each of the 22 cards in the Major Arcana is presented and explored in the numerical sequence in which it occurs in the Oswald Wirth Tarot pack (originally written in French). A detailed and in-depth description of the symbolism and qualities of the particular card in the question is given, as well as how and what we learn from it can be applied to everyday life.

Unique to the Course are 22 visualisations (not included in the book). During the visualisations, the inner life experience is explored, touching on soul consciousness. The spiritual message of the symbolism in the cards touches the mind and heart to expand our own understanding of the symbolic in our lives

In its classroom form, the course is normally presented as six sets of two days, or two sets of six days and it includes one full day of instruction on how to give Tarot readings using the Major Arcana. Some teachers may offer the course online. The content is the same, but the method and structure of delivery will be determined by the teacher. Students receive a Connaissance School Certificate of Attendance.

The student will learn a practical and professional skill and a Code of Ethics for its use and upon completion will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

The guide price for the Tarot Course is £600. The actual price and payment terms can be obtained when enquiring about the course when you contact the teacher using the contact details on Number Crunch.


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