Claudine Aegerter
Principal, Connaissance School


Teacher of Foundation, Diploma, Masters and Tarot Courses

While still at school Claudine read widely in esoteric subjects and came to England in 1964. While raising a family, she attended training in Transcendental Meditation. Nursing at a hospital for the mentally handicapped and later the physically handicapped society, she knew that helping people was part of her life’s work. She joined the National Federation for Spiritual Healers and practised healing as a volunteer at a cancer rehabilitation centre. Through this work, she discovered at a Lilla Bek workshop that, when looking at numbers, she could channel helpful advice.

She started doing numerology readings to help the process of healing and continues to do this now. From her early days in Numerology, she was running workshops to help other therapists develop their understanding. She soon developed enough original material for an innovative new course in Numerology. She believes that the true evolution of nature is the birth of consciousness and the raising of it through mankind; numbers, through the understanding of cycles of life and death of say, a flower, a person, or a solar system, can intimately teach us the mysteries of energy manifesting as matter and matter transcending back into energy. The aim of the course was to be, and still is, to help the seekers of the path of inner light to follow their own becoming.

The first course was given in 1993 and the Connaissance School was formed.  As a group of teachers emerged, the course has been under continuous development ever since with the unerring support of teachers Berenice, Christine and Colin. As a result, in its twenty years of existence, the School has trained many good teachers. The Cave Shop is the base for the School because of its sacred location. Claudine also founded the Association Internationale de Numerologues (AIN) to fulfil a need for an international Numerology organisation which would share the same values and would be a serious means of developing and promoting the profession of Numerology worldwide. Its most recent success has been the partnering in 2011 with AIN Asia (AINA), based in Singapore. Claudine also maintains a different creativity as part of a film production team (UHFilms).

Claudine has contributed to articles on Numerology in The Independent and Here’s Health. She participated in many radio broadcasts on Numerology spots on the BBC World Service, LBC, Three Counties Radio and Radio 4. During 2006-8, Claudine and her co-author Berenice Benjelloun wrote and published “The Spirit of the Tarot”, a major commentary on the major arcana, reinterpreted through numbers.

Her main role in the School is to support and encourage the School's teachers, particularly through the current phase of the School's expansion, to develop new courses, and to review and update the existing courses. She is also an AIN Council member.

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