The Consultants List on the left shows the Consultant members of the Association who are active numerologists and who wish their services to be advertised.

To access their Consultant profile page and contact details, click on the numerologist’s name.

Most commonly, a numerology reading may be carried out on a personal basis (i.e. face to face) or through the post. All AIN numerologists agree, as a condition of their membership, to conform to the AIN Code of Ethics

The Association is proud to host Consultant members' pages as part of our website, where you can describe in more detail the services you provide and the business you run. We will create or amend your Consultant web page for you and provide a link to it from your Consultant profile page. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is a Numerology Reading?

A Numerology reading will give you an insight into aspects of yourself that you didn’t previously recognise, as well as confirming those areas of your potential that you need to re-enforce.

If you are seeking a reading it is very likely that you are re-thinking your life in some way, are at a crossroads, or are in crisis. The science and art of Numerology offers a wonderful overview or map of your life path. This includes looking at the work of your Personality (physical, emotional and mental aspects) and most importantly, insight into the deepest, most hidden aspect of human consciousness - the Soul.

Within these parameters all aspects of your life can be looked at, career, relationships, family, karmic influences, aspirations and spiritual inspiration among others.

To access all this, numbers are sourced from your date of birth and your name, using many detailed systems. Particular years, months, weeks and days can also be looked at.

Readings may also take a special look at relationships, where issues may need addressing. In this case two or more charts can be looked at together.

Readings for business clients are also available. This can include advice on the most auspicious date to launch a business, together with naming a business. More detailed advice on other aspects of business can be provided on request.







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