I have always been fascinated by the mystery of life, the apparent disorder of chaos. I've walked by several spiritual philosophies for 20 years until I found my way in numerology.

For 7 years I have been integrating numerology in practical applications in marketing, sales and human resources, discovering a great field of opportunity that can open the integration of this knowledge.
Companies and products are comprised of individuals and also synchronise with numbers. Knowledge of these guidelines allows the development of more efficient and fast personal development, couples and work teams.
I worked 20 years in the tourism industry in such areas as marketing and sales, from a Federal, State and private sector level.



Development of knowledge of the person and areas of opportunity, how to face challenges and how to detect and face difficult situations. Promoting the positive aspects of living in the nature of their numbers.

Development of an understanding of the personal dynamics of each person and how each sees the world as coping techniques and trading partner. How to know if the person you are with us will be a companion to nurture the relationship or it will take more challenges and effort required.

Description of employee profiles and their possible dynamics and interaction. Proper selection of a candidate is key in these times and it is completely valid to use all the tools to determine the effectiveness of a candidate for a specific position.

Similarly, developing negotiation skills to put our business people in a more favorable position during negotiations and situations that generate dividends to the company.

Public figures
Counseling of public figures in communication and negotiation skills and help in facing difficult situations. Promoting the positive aspects of living in the nature of their numbers.



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