Code of Ethics


Membership of AIN may be regarded as a guarantee to clients of the members' integrity, sincerity and ability.

a) Members must not behave in a manner that could bring the AIN into disrepute.

b) Proper ethical conduct must always be paramount in the numerologist's relations with the client. Their disposition must be one of courtesy, discretion and tact to accept the responsibility to encourage and facilitate the self development of the client whilst fully respecting their right of self-determination.

c) Members must treat any information or material relating to clients with absolute confidentiality. Only if the client gives their agreement in writing should any case study be used for publication or teaching purposes.

d) Members must clarify before any consultation the nature of the service being provided, the duration of the session and the fees involved.

e) When speaking to the public, members should not comment on the personal lives of public figures

f) During a numerology consultation, members must not offer any advice normally covered by other specialised professions. If the need for such advice appears to be indicated, the member must make it clear to the client that he/she should seek such advice from a person with the appropriate skills.

g) Members should respect the religious, spiritual and social views of their clients. 


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