Dr Tong Eng Siang




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Profile and Services:  


Born in Penang, Northern State of Malaysia. Master Trainer of《The Secret of Numbers》, Author of《Inherence Big Data》, he learns and researches on numerology since 2009 and researches on the study of the nature of earthlines, water veins, earth faults and energy vortexes since 2014, he serves as consultant of various corporations such as F&B Franchise Companies, Private Specialist Hospital, Insurance Companies, Health & Wellness Industry, Jewellery Company, Investment Group, Yacht Company and etc.
He is extremely experienced in providing his professional advice to help people increasing their performance, creativity, productivity, mindset re-engineering and their basic life intentions. His services not only comply with those private sectors but also multi-national organisations which up-to-date beneficial more than 45,000 people in Asia Countries.
His track record is proven by general public and his popularity has attract major media to interview him - like the Malaysian oldest newspaper 《Kwong Wah Daily》, 《International Times Newspaper》, China 《Nova Weekly Magazine》, China Guangdong Radio 《FM103.6》, China 《Guangdong TV》 live talk and Singapore Capital 《FM95.8》. He has received the award of 《Chinese Model of the Year 2017》 in Beijing National Conference Centre on January 2018.

Specialty Interests:

Research in Numerology
Practice in Natural Energy Healing (Reiki)
Research and study in Geopathology, earthlines, water veins, earth faults and energy vortexes
Education and Professionals Certifications:
Master in Corporate Planning and Finance, CPF (CHF)
PhD in Human Behavioral Science, HBS (US)
Certified Trainer of Numbers Academy Singapore
Certified Numerology Consultant of AIN (UK)
Certified Reiki Practitioner of ICRT (US)

Professionals Memberships and Backgrounds:
Member of United Kingdom Association of Professionals (UKAP)
Consultant Member of United Kingdom Association of Internationale de Numerologues (AIN)
Reiki Master Practitioner of United States International Centre for Reiki Training (ICRT)
Guest Speaker of AIA Insurance Malaysia in 2018


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