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Dorota Zwierzchowska 




Tel.: +48 07895 077 530 or +48 533445588

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Facebook: Numerolody or Dorota Zwierzh


Originally I come from Poland. I moved with my family to the UK in 2017 to see what it's like to live in a different culture - it has always been our dream :)
I have always been interested in the psychology of human behavior.
I have always had more courage to act for other people if there was such a need.

I feel an irresistible need to increase my own consciousness and to promote its expansion among humankind.
Because I believe that this is the way to our development, to move to the next levels of our existence. This, in turn, leads to a better everyday life for all of us.

That is why I participated in various training and workshops for spiritual and personal development. I have completed several training courses in numerology, including my adventure with The Connaissance School of Numerology.


I give numerological readings on a daily basis and sessions are supplemented, if necessary, with knowledge and tools familiar with psychology and spirituality.
For me, numerology is a tool that builds us a wonderful, stable bridge on the way between what is today and what can be, if we follow the path of our potential.
My job is to show you "you", your potential from a wider perspective so that you can make more conscious choices and decisions.
I'm ready when you're ready :)

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