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I am a professional Numerologist with a Masters specialization in  Advanced Auric Numerology (AAN) and my span of experience are more than 20 years.   My client base is pan  India and beyond the shores of India  too.  My strength and success lies in the application of principles of physical sciences and approaching Numerology as a science and not as a business. My interest and passion for Gems drew me to become a certified professional in Gemology.  I treat Gems as an integral part of Numerology as  I have an unstinted belief in the hidden energies of natural gems of all hues.

Being a proud Consultant Member of AIN, I sincerely feel that the services I render should reflect the standards of AIN. I connect your numbers(s) directly to the structure, colour and condition of your AURA. I add the OXYGENATION METHOD, apart from the basic principles of Numerology, to find out whether an individual’s name is balanced or not.
I recommend Natural gem stones based on POLARITY for balanced functioning of an Individual energy and to open up the chakra blockages.
Added to Numerology, I also profess Gem Chromo-therapy to restore the damaged Aura of an individual and increase his/her potency in all domains.


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