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Anywhere in between Newcastle and Cambridge. Sometimes Paris and West South of France.

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Welcome you little fledgling bird :-)
You have finally landed on my webpage. Let me receive you with a beautiful smile and all my heart.

As there is nothing random in this world, this has for sure some significance for both of us. You might not know this but I do not advertise anywhere else except for this isolated webpage. You might also need to know that I am French so please excuse me for my poor English.

So, you might find yourself in a difficult position or you might simply be curious. You might be searching for support and answers that you seem unable to find anywhere else. Well… I suggest that we simply search for these together. Though, I can already tell you that they are within you.

We will use the tarot and numerology to see through the fog and coupled with a bit of love wisdom, you’ll quickly find your own way. I only charge on a donation basis so follow your heart if it tells you to go ahead. After all, if this helps you find your way, is there any better gift I could hope for?


Tarot combined with numerology - consultation in English or French in person or via skype.
Whatever happens, you are the master of your own destiny.
•    You are free to decide to take this reading, to believe what is said or simply reject it. Some of the message will be useful, some will not. I will just be asking you to keep an open mind.
•    This reading will be carried out with “good-will” and “will-to-good”. It is as precious as a sincere gift to a dear friend, though I’ll thank you in advance for the experience that our exchange offers to my own development.
•    This reading will be far from accurate. Numbers or tarot cards are wonderfully accurate but unfortunately I am not. Fortunately for us, even a mistake has its purpose in the plan.

May light wisdom shine upon us and may this reading carry the enlightenment you require.

Love and light,


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