Sonia Desiderio  Dip.CSN.AIN
Connaissance School Teacher

sonia desiderio

Teacher of the Foundation Course at the Connaissance School of Numerology

Sonia grew up in Italy and came to England in 1978. Her interest in Numerology began in early childhood but it was not until late 1997 when she first attended the Foundation Esoteric Numerology course with the Connaissance School of Numerology and later qualified with the Diploma In Esoteric Numerology in January 1999. She also completed the Connaissance School of Esoteric Tarot study.  The Esoteric teachings provided her with a new expansion of awareness, inspiring a new way of looking at everything in life, and leaving her with a deep feeling of wanting to share this new/old wisdom called Esoteric Numerology Study.

Sonia has been a practising Complementary Therapist since 1991. She qualified in Reflexology in 1991 with the British School of Reflexology in Harlow, Essex.  In addition over the years Sonia went on to study and qualify other healing modalities including Reiki, Past Life Healing, hypnotherapy as well as Health kinesiology with Jane Thurnell-Read, and a four year degree at the University of Westminster where she gained an Honours Degree in Human Nutrition.

Sonia has integrated the considerable knowledge gained through study and experience into an Holistic System, using all her tools as required, including the teachings of Numerology, during her travels around the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and Kuwait.   

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