Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN.
Connaissance School Teacher

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Teacher of the Foundation, Diploma, Masters, Tarot and Intensive Foundation Teacher Training Courses

Sonia is a Connaissance School Teacher and author of 12 best-selling Numerology Books, translated into 14 languages. Her early fascination with cycles and mathematics led her to Numerology in 1992 when she discovered Claudine Aegerter in Hertfordshire, U.K.

Sonia was inspired her to write books, features, give consultations, professional courses, workshops and business seminars, and media interviews.

Sonia has been an Esoteric Numerologist for more than 26 years.
Sonia’s mission is ‘Numbers For Consciousness And World Peace’ (Connaissance School).


12 Numerology Books and Ebook versions, 14 languages.

 Numerological Gateways

In 1993 became the first Secretary of A.I.N.
In 2007 became Connasisance School Teacher.
In 2011 formally became Media Officer for AIN and The Connaissance School.

In 2011 started writing a Blog for NumerologyWorld.Org
In 2012 started teaching ‘Business Numerology’ courses for postgraduates.
2015 became an Esoteric Tarot Teacher
2019 became an Intensive Foundation Teacher Trainer


In 1999 wrote the first Numerology Column in the UK for The Daily Express Newspaper.
 2000 wrote Numerology Column in Marie Claire Magazine

2000-2005 wrote Numerology Column in Prediction Magazine

Since 1996 Sonia has contributed regularly in the media: -

Press Association, Newspapers, Women’s/Celebrity/MBS/Business and International News.

TV: Royal Wedding Sophie and Edward, Big Brothers Little Brother (6), Working Lunch, Richard & Judy, Heaven & Earth, Granada Breeze (9), UK Living, & Documentaries, etc.

Radio: Extensive interviews.

 Other Practices

In 1990 Sonia trained in Reflexology, Holistic Massage and Healing.
In 1997 first book published, ‘The Self Help Reflexology Handbook’. (Vermilion)

In 1998 first Numerology book published, ‘The Principles of Numerology’ (Thorsons)

Memberships & Affiliations

 Association Internationale De Numerologues (AIN)

The Association of Reflexologists (AoR)

The Society of Authors




Telephone: 07899-993788

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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