Nicole Bertoli
Connaissance School Teacher


Teacher of the Foundation and Esoteric Tarot Courses at the Connaissance School of Numerology

Background in Numerology

She approaches the world of Esoteric Numerology in 2012, by attending Foundation Course in Esoteric Numerology in Royston and completes her training with Diploma Course in 2013. In the meantime she goes in depth into the studies concerning both Numerology and Aura-Soma System. That’s when she starts to feel that this could be her new way to serve people and society, as she had done in the past. In 2017 she starts a working collaboration with the International Initiation School and her Training Path concerning Holistic Studies becomes more intense, leading her to the Teaching Qualification in Esoteric Numerology (Foundation Course) in 2018 and in Esoteric Tarot in 2020.

General Background

Date of Birth: 20th December 1986
Citizenship: Italian
Holistic Training Path:
-    Consultant in Aura-Soma, Colour-Care System
-    Consultant in Esoteric Numerology - Connaissance School of Numerology (UK)
-    Esoteric Numerology Teacher (Foundation Course) - Connaissance School of Numerology (UK).
-    Esoteric Tarot Teacher - Connaissance School of Numerology (UK).
-    The 7 Rays of Light and the Initiation Teacher - International Initiation School SRL
-    Tao & Esoteric Numerology Teacher - International Initiation School SRL
From 2006 Nicole has collected various working experiences, mainly in the field of communication and client assistance, both commercial and non-commercial.
In 2010 she goes through an intense experience for International Cooperation in Cameroon, in order to start a project aiming at promoting sport as a means of connection between young people belonging to different tribes at odds. The project is still active and approved by the Cameroonian Ministry of Cooperation and Sport, in collaboration with the University of Yaoundé.
That is the beginning of Nicole’s commitment in work projects having social significance.
She joins ADMO Emilia Romagna Association in 2015, taking up the position of responsible for Secretary Office. In 2017 she decides to quit this job in order to undertake a new working experience at International Initiation School. In 2019, due to her strong and constant commitment to the cause, she is elected as Vice president of ADMO Emilia Romagna Association.

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