Nicole Bertoli
Connaissance School Teacher


Teacher of the Foundation Diploma and Esoteric Tarot Courses at the Connaissance School of Numerology


A deep passion for discovery of places, people, philosophies and ancient wisdom teachings drives the exploration of the world I live in.


Born on December 20, 1986, I am a teacher of holistic disciplines at the International Initiation School SRL and I collaborate with various companies and associations.

Since 2006 I have gained expertise in various fields, in particular communication and customer care. In 2010, this then allowed me to integrate these skills with the social value I wanted to pursue.

Indeed, in 2010 I had a significant experience of international cooperation in Cameroon, where the goal was to initiate a project that highlighted sport as a means of bringing young people from hostile tribes closer together.

The project is still active and recognized by the Cameroonian Ministry of Cooperation and Sport in collaboration with the University of Yaoundé.

In 2015, moved by a sense of service that goes beyond personal purposes, I landed in ADMO Emilia-Romagna as head of the regional secretariat.

In 2019, given the growing interest in the cause, I chose to run as vice-president of the association, obtaining the post through an electoral system.

In 2012 I first encountered holistic disciplines at the headquarters of the International Association of Numerologists in Royston, England. I attended the basic course of esoteric numerology, a discipline that would later remain my greatest love and passion.

My path in holistic studies reached an important turning point in 2017 when I began a collaboration with the International Initiation School. I chose to attend numerous courses in order to broaden my knowledge of the subjects the school covers and to maximize the quality of my work in the different positions the institution offers.

Since 2019 I have been teaching Esoteric Numerology, Tarot, Tao and 7 Rays at the International Initiation School SRL.

Since 2022 collaborations were opened with Confindustria Trentino and Oasi Zegna.

As I previously mentioned, numerology was my first love. Crucially, I was born on the 20th and the number is said to be the "mediator": one who knows and understands different languages, cultures or worlds and puts them in contact with each other.

Perhaps just by reading these few lines you can already grasp the intimate closeness between the meaning of the number 20 and the path that has brought me here.

Numerology allowed me to develop a profound understanding and awareness of myself, my talents and my limits. This is making a significant difference in my life and it is precisely this that I want to offer in my courses and consultations:

-  Aid to "make peace" with who we are;

-  Accompany in the exploration of the self to strengthen talents and transform every challenge into an opportunity;

-  Teach to use different disciplines autonomously, so that my students can then avoid constantly depending on external support;

- Work on personal growth to help achieve personal goals. In this case it is crucial to understand the difference between the goals of the soul (which I intend to pursue) and those of the personality.

Training Holistic breakthrough:

-  Corporate Counseling at ASPIC in Modena (2007).

-  Aura-Soma Colour-Care System Consultant;

-  Consultant in Esoteric Numerology - Connaissance School of Numerology (UK);

-  Consultant in Esoteric Tarot;

-  Teacher of Esoteric Numerology - Connaissance School of Numerology (UK);

-  Teacher of Esoteric Tarot.

Holistic Professional in Integrated Disciplines recognized by AIPO, Category Association for Holistic Professionals.

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