Monica Tratter
Connaissance School Teacher


Teacher of the Foundation Course at the Connaissance School of Numerology

Background in Numerology

In 2022 Monica completed training to become teacher of the Foundation Course at the Connaissance School of Numerology.

General Background

I was born in Spilimbergo (northern Italy) on September 16, 1976. After high school, I immediately started working for family economic reasons.
In 1999 I was lucky enough to enter the world of international transport and logistics, I worked in this world for 20 years, I learned a lot of things about foreign countries, used foreign languages to communicate, learned to deal with the most complex situations, I started to be fascinated by numbers and the space-time relationship.
In 2004 I also had the good fortune to enter the world of motorsport as a competitive athlete, thanks to which I learned: discipline, perseverance, tenacity, orientation skills.
Only in 2014 I began the way of personal growth but only in 2018 I attended the International Initiation School of Cristiana Caria. Each course I attended was the necessary guide to coordinate the universal energies with mine. I actually began to build my structure (apparently) by myself until I realized that I had to trust the universe: at that point I quit my job as employee. It was October 2018.
The universe made me understand that teaching is my way, and now, I work as a teacher of logistics and international shipping in professional courses. The first discipline I learned at the International Initiation School was Numerology (Foundation) because I felt that numbers spoke to me. It was the numbers that guided me towards teaching. Thanks to numbers and school I began to fall in love with the disciplines related to the functioning of our brain and the interactions between body, mind, and their connection with everything else.
The path of IIS school allowed me to attend: Complete course in Inner Alchemy of the soul, Sq Leadership Course, Complete course of Meditation and Concentration, Complete course of Maieutic Development of Intuition, Basic courses of astrology, colors, etc., and many other courses related to ancient traditions.
I feel the numbers as guides, as the stars were for people who traveled orienting himself only with the sky support. Thanks to numerology I have learned to orient both inside and outside myself, teaching others these techniques allow me to play the role I came for in this incarnation.

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