Jaye Vickers  Dip.CSN.AIN

Connaissance School Teacher


Teacher of the Foundation, Diploma and Tarot Courses at the Connaissance School of Numerology


Jaye has been passionate about numbers since childhood, and had always felt that numbers were not just numbers, but symbols containing hidden messages of energy. Later, in her mid forties, the Foundation and Diploma Course in Numerology at the Connaissance School of Numerology led Jaye on journey of inspiration and self-discovery. This became a turning point in her life and Jaye is now a dedicated teacher of esoteric numerology and tarot at the Nederland Connaissance School of Numerology.  Leaving behind a career as first an accordionist and then a clinical hypnotherapist and pyschotherapist, Jaye now dedicates most of her time to teaching Numerology, as she feels that numerology is the most effective tool for personal development and transformation. She firmly believes that when there is complete understanding of the patterns of energy that we are working in the numbers in our birthchart, we can steer through life with more wisdom, compassion and wholeness for ourselves and others.

     Jaye is married with three grown up children. Recently she has moved with her husband to Holland, and has now opened the doors of the Nederland Connaissance School of Numerology. The school is in Edam, North Holland, and offers workshops, foundation and diploma courses in esoteric numerology and the esoteric tarot.

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