Daniela Rita Patti

Connaissance School Teacher


Teacher of the Foundation and Esoteric Tarot Courses at the Connaissance School of Numerology

Background in Numerology

2019-2020 Daniela completed training to become teacher of the Foundation and Esoteric Tarot Courses at the Connaissance School of Numerology.

General Background

Daniela has always had an interest in the disciplines of research and inner growth through activities such as yoga, rebirthing, Reiki. Passionate about esoteric disciplines that have the purpose of bringing back to light the teachings on growing up in awareness and knowledge of the self contained in the ancient traditions of wisdom.
In the 90s she attended study groups concerning Psychosynthesis (Roberto Assagioli) and Bach Flowers. Yoga gave her the opportunity to approach the study of the 7 Rays and esoteric astrology through the "Hero's Journey", the study of Phrenology and Eugenics, psychic activation.
She has been a student of Cristiana Caria for years, the principal of IIS International Initiation School of Carpi,  where she is now approaching the third year. She completed several courses proposed by IIS that provided her with the skills of:

Teacher of  the Foundation and Esoteric Tarot at the Connaissance School of  Numerology.
Tarot & Hebrew Letters Consultant
The 72 Angels & Hebrew Letters Consultant
Aura-Soma® Colour Consultant  
Facilitator in Psych-k ® method
Basic level
Advanced level
Health and wellness
Teacher for the construction of the Personal Geometric Mandala

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