The A r t of N u m e r o l o g y

Michaele Wynn-Jones B.Ed.(Hons) MACC MIAC AIN


Michaele Wynn-Jones is probably the only dyscalculate numerologist on the planet! Having successfully managed to avoid numbers for most of her life she found herself using numerology whilst working as a teacher in a men’s’ remand prison. She used it to help the men understand how they might have used the potential in their birth numbers negatively. She showed them how to understand their life purpose and how they could turn negative into positive potential. Over the next five years she and her literally ‘captive audience’ explored this ancient science giving Michaele a unique take on the subject and its exciting applications.

In 2004 Michaele achieved her Numerology Diploma from the Connaissance School of Numerology and has added Numerology readings, conference seminars and presentations to her unusual portfolio of business skills. Linking numbers to both colours and archetypes is one of Michaele’s unique methods of working Not surprisingly, she has become a popular and well known speaker presenting to a diverse range of groups. In addition Michaele teaches numerology to both groups and individuals.
“The Art of Numerology” is an aspect of her parent company Diamond Bridge Initiative Ltd. It is a creative business specializing in unique multimedia art works based on an individual’s or business’s numbers.
Business clients, include her local Chamber of Commerce who consulted her prior to buying their first business premises in 2003. She also works with a London based corporate branding company advising on the numerological implications of names and colours.

The Art of Numerology – Unique gifts

Personal life Codes

Original presents for any celebration, such as birthdays christenings, weddings, as well as unusual corporate gifts.
These stunning, hand made works of art originate from the numbers in your birth-date. Everyone has a date of birth. We liken it to a product bar code. These numbers are translated into your personal Life Code. Reflecting information about your origins, talents, challenges and issues and your life purpose, your Life Code is uniquely personal to you. Key words are added to the mount and a short explanation of your life potentials is included with the gift. A standard, single complete framed collage measures approx. 6"x 4"(15.24cm x 10.16cm) available in gold or silver coloured frames. 

wynnjones plc

Business Life Codes

A truly unique depiction of your company and a proven highly successful corporate gift, this is the birth certificate of your business or company. It records the registration date and all the challenges and issues, talents and impact your business will have, from its inception.

Flight Path Readings

This is a comprehensive 28 page, personal numerological report. The numbers in your birth date and the letters of your name - also translated into number - give you a Flight Path. The reading covers your life purpose; your personality, talents and aptitudes; the challenges and issues you will be dealing with during this life time and this life's purpose.

To contact Michaele Wynn-Jones with any special requirements, for prices, order forms and terms and conditions:
Telephone: (+44) 1323 736557
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