AINA 7th Mega Recall 2016


Report by Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN.

Stanley, Liz, Ivan and myself attended Thomas Chiam’s 7th Life Quest / AIN event at the UE Business Conference Centre in Singapore. I was sat with Paul Elkerton (AIN Chairman) who delivered a marvellous speech about the expansion of the Connaissance School in Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Greece, China and Canada, and with more countries to follow.
In reflection, it was through Thomas that the whole Connaissance School has materialized in Singapore. That is, Stanley attended my Numerology Names Workshop at Life Quest (Thomas provided constant interpretation into Mandarin) back in January 2013.He was definitely earmarked as a Connaissance School Teacher even back then.

Thomas is gifted with the amazing lifestyle products that he develops, and provides inspiration to over 5000 members, and to the promotion of Numerology in the East. It has been a gift for AIN to work with Thomas for more than 4 years in such a positive and productive way.

We are one group working with our own gifts in order to spread the light, soul and upliftment of consciousness.
Finally, Singapore is a very abundant, highly educated, and happy city, and seeing the number of Hexagons literally everywhere - cemented onto the side of sky scrapers, on hotel wallpaper, on glass lifts, is of no surprise. The influence of the Number 6! The 6 million people that live there enjoy low pollution, no homelessness, and generously low taxes. Even the Shopping Malls smell of sweet perfumes, and display beautiful flowers. Singapore is one sensory delight. The citizens are extremely community orientated, interested in welfare, children and family. The whole road systems and city has been designed with Feng Shui so Singapore there is a sense of gentleness even on the busiest roads. More importantly, it is good place to welcome soul in (6).

Finally the well used abbreviation for Singapore is – Sg = 17/8. Positive Karma. Alignment. The Path of Truth.
I thank Stanley, Ivan and Thomas for a very welcoming and uplifting stay in Singapore, and wish The Connaissance School and everyone much success and co-working in future.

30th January 2016.

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