Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN.


Once again it was an honour and a pleasure to give a talk and presentation, ‘The Power of Ancient Symbols’ (written and illustrated by myself, Claudine and Berenice) at The 9th Mega Recall, Singapore on behalf of AIN. Also, to present 30 AINA CPMs with their well earned Certificates. The relationship between AIN and AINA gets stronger every year, and so does our message of service and cooperation.

As usual the hands-on organization of The 9th Mega Recall was ship-shape and problem-free. 40 volunteers supported this large event and they all had happy, smiling faces. Zoe and some of the volunteers handed out gift bags at the entrances.

Emcee JoJo warmed up the crowd with her warm sense of humour. Next up were two well-respected Feng Shui Masters who were interviewed on stage about how they apply numbers in their work. Then AIN Asia’s Rose Ho, gave an enthralling and passionate speech in English about LifeQuest’s annual Charity Tours, which were illustrated with touching photographs and stories. Thomas supports a lot of charities financially; for example, the teamwork in Cambodia was inspirational. Next the AIN talk – when the picture of The Cosmic Egg was shown the audience gasped loudly – the whole presentation was stunning. Last but not least was Thomas presentation - he gave a captivating talk on ‘Shadow Numbers’.

The 550 numerologists absorbed the whole event and held their concentration throughout. There was a lot to learn and see!

Finally, the whole Event was written and illustrated in The 9th Mega Recall Programme, including the AIN presentation, which had already been translated into Mandarin. It provided a great take home menu.

Outside, the 34 degree stifling heat was tempered by rain, but nothing could stop the enthusiasm and anticipation for Chinese New Year of the Dog. Chinatown was switching on their illuminations later that night – a must see. Indeed, Singapore was full of Dogs everywhere.

Once again, congratulations to Thomas on a superb event, and good luck for his continued success in Malaysia where he now runs a busy School alongside the same in Singapore. AIN and AINA - we are truly blessed.


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 Everyone joined in singing Happy Birthday to celebrate LifeQuest's birthday Congratulations! AINA Council Rose Ho with some of the 40 volunteers at the event

Certificates were presented to 30 new AINA CPMs at the 9th Mega Recall 27th January 2018

p4 p5 p6
 550 enthusiastic Numerologists attended the private Conference in Singapore

 LifeQuest Science of Numbers is now in Malaysia and Singapore  Emcee JoJo educates and warms up the crowd
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 Thomas presented flowers to Ms Sonia Ducie (on behalf of AIN)

 There are dogs everywhere in Singapore ! The lights were switched on in Chinatown  Chinese New Year of The Dog


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