On 4th December 2011, Paul Elkerton, Chairman, AIN, visited Singapore and attended the first meeting of the newly formed AINA – The Association Internationale de Numerologues Asia.


AINA is based in Singapore. Its founder is Thomas Chiam, director / owner of a successful numerology school in Singapore called Lifequest. He has been granted permission to use our name and AINA is now an AIN affiliate organisation. The structure of AINA is similar to AIN but the Constitution + Ethics will be locally determined.  Membership of AINA will be open to LifeQuest graduates by examination.  There are two levels of membership: Certified Practising Member (CPM) and (after 1 year) Certified Consultant Member (CCM).

AINA has already welcomed its first two cohorts of members. Some of these members have been selected to comprise the first AINA Council which meets for the first time on 26th July 2012. An account of its proceedings will appear on this website.

All qualifying members of AINA are recognised in a roll of honour. The names of AINA’s high achievers are listed here.



The Chairman’s Speech to the meeting on 4th December 2011.

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my pleasure and my privilege to address you all today, as the Chairman of the Association Internationale de Numerologues, at this, the inauguration of AINA, our Singapore affiliate. AIN is proud to be present at the first manifestation of it’s vision outside the United Kingdom.

On this occasion as well as embracing the promise of the present and looking forward to what we hope will be great success, it is relevant also, to look back to our origins.

AIN, along with the Connaissance School of Numerology, was formed in England in 1993 by Claudine Aegerter. Claudine is our founder and inspiration, a person of rare insight who understands the spirituality of numbers. She has worked with patience to establish a school, to teach people the esoteric numerology she has developed, and then to set up the Association to support graduates of the school and others interested in the subject. Without her, I would not be standing here today. Today’s event is very much a tribute to her. In the AIN constitution there are five objectives: To promote the practice of Numerology as a profession, to stimulate and encourage the development of Numerology, to represent the interests of professional numerologists, to serve the public good through the promotion and practice of Numerology and to build a brotherhood amongst numerologists worldwide.

The establishment of AINA fits perfectly with these objectives. All these are good but I think the most important of these is brotherhood, for it is that broad vision that is so important, not just for the furtherance of Numerology but for the future of humanity.

Ladies and gentlemen, this occasion is not just a chance to celebrate a new organisation but to speak to the outside world. For people looking in may have some questions for us all: what is Numerology? how does it work? is it connected with religion? and how can it possibly be true?

And another important question is: What place does Numerology have in a modern society? This is particularly relevant in a cutting edge city like Singapore with its foundation on the rational pursuits of science, industry, architecture and finance.

Numerology is a tool for personal understanding and exploration to help explain the self, society and nature  It is used in many different forms around the World for purposes as diverse as entertainment, naming babies, businesses and pets, spiritual and personality development, identifying future trends, determining the progression of our lives, horse racing, choosing dates, relationships and prediction. It helps us to orientate ourselves, to find ourselves, showing us the world as number and our place in it. It complements rather than challenges the less personal sciences that shape so much of our lives.

On a personal note, I have found that Numerology opens the door to a deeper thinking about life, helping me to pause and consider that people, things, societies, have meaning more substantial than the statistical and cursory descriptions that so often and unfairly define them. For example, I less and less see people as defined by their race, their sex, their culture or their politics but as individuals seeking to fulfil their potential and engaging with their challenges. Numerology helps me to understand people as individuals and, most importantly, helps me to understand myself.

It would not be right to miss reflecting on the numbers of today’s date. 4.12. 2011.

In simple terms, we have 2s, 1s and 4s from which we may draw the themes of relationship and cooperation, ideas and leadership and stability and manifestation all of which are key: the relationship of AIN and AINA and the cooperation we have started to develop; the idea of AINA and the leadership of Thomas and the manifestation of AINA as a strong stable base for Numerology in Singapore and beyond. The most important number is 2, for this is the potential of the date. And I come back to the object of brotherhood. That, I think is the hope, here.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this impressive assembly is probably the largest number of people ever gathered in the name of Numerology. Our being here today is down to the energy and ambition of one man – Thomas Chiam. Thomas visited us in England earlier this year and we were impressed with his ideas, his enthusiasm for, and commitment to, numerology and his business vision. Thank you Thomas. We at AIN look forward to evolving a strong partnership with you and the newly created AINA Council.


This is my first visit to Singapore and I have been stung by its modernity and vibrant feel. I must come again and, indeed, I hope I will have that opportunity in the future. And when I visit again, I look forward to an established, flourishing and expanded AINA.

Thank you (xièxiè). I wish AINA and everyone here all prosperity and success.

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