8th Mega Recall 2017


Report by Berenice Benjelloun

The 8th Mega recall was an impressive event, with several hundred members of the Thomas Chaim's AINA members  attending.

The event started with an exciting show of synchronised dancing on the stage, performed by the members of Life quest club who do charity work in many different countries. There was also a slide show about the worthy service they have given over the past year. After that there was a comedy presentation.  

This years AIN participation consisted of myself as Chair giving a 30 minute talk on  '2017 - The year ahead', followed of course by the delightful task of presenting the AINA diplomas to the newly qualified graduates.

Then Thomas did two lively and excellent presentations. The first was looking at the numerology of the richest people in the world. This was followed by a talk about the wonders of the sacred geometry of the beehive and the flower of life, in connection with his new product - a series of excellent leather wallets, embossed with the two symbols, the bee and flower of life. All about bringing the energy of Sacred Geometry into our money!
The printed program was, as always well produced, with information and illustrations to go with all the talks.

I caught a plane back to the UK the next day, so for me it was a rapid, but very fruitful visit.






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